Our goal at TechnoHUNT is to teach and train the next generation of archers in safe, ethical hunting and archery practices. TechnoHUNT's technology allows the user to use their own equipment. No need to shoot a different bow or different arrows. The game interface allows you to focus on shooting while the game does all the scoring for you. No need to bring your own videos, TechnoHUNT's hitzones have animals from all over the world, and are both challenging and fun for all skill levels. Tired of shooting animals test your archery skills out in our different game modes. Our system draws both new and existing customers into your business and gives them a reason to return to your shop over and over.



Nothing makes you better than practicing with your own equipment. WIth the TechnoHUNT system you bring your own equipment. Your own bow, your own arrows. All you do is take off your field tips and replace them with our special made blunt tips. Prepare for the hunt with TechnoHUNT.



With the release of the TH400 series of systems TechnoHUNT has updated all the components of our simulator. From the computer, software, hardware, and sensors have all been upgraded to current technology. Also we are always looking at new technology to keep the system current and upto date with new technology.



Not only does the TH400 series simulators have the classic hunting game mode we also have several other game modes. From Tictactoe to darts, to our new game modes balloon pop and underwater hunt. The TH 400 series software is built using one of best game engine out. This allows us to constantly update the system with new game modes and new content.



TechnoHUNT has over 90 TH400 and TH400 Pros installed across the United States. From Alaska to North Carolina. We are also expanding to other countries with a system in Canada and also one in Germany. Our goal is to have a system in every state, and with our new Tournaments, Shooters can compete with shooters from all over the country.

G4 Archery

G4 Archery in Hillsboro, OR is TechnoHUNTs Shop of the Month for May. G4 Archery is the proud owner of a TH 400 Pro System. For more info click here.


TechnoHUNT is excited to be launching our own line of TechnoHUNT Gear through to celebrate this we will be giving away shirts, pullovers, phone cases and a hat on our instagram and facebook account. So stay tuned. Also we will be announcing the date for our next tournament on Friday the 4th of May.

Coming Soon

2 new game modes will be released soon. Balloon Pop which will be fun game for younger shooters and still challenging for our experienced shooters. Also UnderwaterHUNT will be released later this year. In this game mode you be able to shoot at some of the most prized game in the ocean.
TechnoHUNT now has 740 hitzones, if your shop doesn't have all of these ask them why not.