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This is a video demonstrating our system and the various age and skill groups our system accommodates.



New Update coming soon....Whats included in this update you ask.

NEW SCENES!!!! We will be adding new scenes to bring are scene count to 500. Also some bug fixes to the TicTacToe Game Mode

Also several new shop locations added to our map as well as pictures of our most recent installs.

Stop by soon to see new and instersting things we are working on here at Technohunt.

Innovative Archery is our Passion.

We work hard every day to push archery foward.


Push the Boundaries of Archery

Our goal at Archery Interactive is to teach and train the next generation of archers’ safe and ethical hunting practices. Our interactive technological games provide the user an interface of video content that is both fun and challenging, while allowing shooting practice with your own bow and arrows.  Our system draws into a place of business both new and existing customers and gives them a reason to return over and over.

We give our customers an exciting opportunity for an additional revenue source; looking to the future to bring in new simulator technology and content to keep it fresh, exciting and new.  Our shops reach out to hunters by showing them the fresh, new and exciting world of TechnoHUNT, engaging them through the video gaming medium.

TechnoHUNT – A whole new experience!
Check out our Locations Page to view where the closest TechnoHunt System is to you.
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