About US

The TechnoHunt Interactive Game System was the brainchild of AIS (Advanced Interactive Systems). Introduced in 1994, the system was the first of its kind, a patented ballistics simulation that could be used for training purposes and provided archers around the US a fun and exciting way for them to practice their archery skills. These systems were sold for $45,000 and were marketed to archery specialty stores around the US.

Argent K dba Archery Interactive took over the rights to AIS (Advanced Interactive Systems) game in 2001. It was still a windows 98 gaming system that used DVD’s to provide the video content for the game.

In 2005 Archery Interactive (AI) started the process of converting the game to the current OS of that day, Windows XP. This also gave them the opportunity to get rid of the DVD based content by mounting it instead on the hard drive. This provided more variety to the scenes available to play in a single game.

In 2007 AI developed steel frames for the system. This created a more stable environment for the game to operate in and provided uniformness to the gaming systems in the field.

In 2013 AI took a giant leap forward by rewriting the entire software to a gaming based platform. AI also redesigned the sensor hardware and software that are used to track the arrows as they fly down the range and impact the screen. This new sensor design has proved to be a solid foundation for the new software to run on and together has made for a solid and exciting gaming platform.

Along with the new software release AI released it’s first of many Non -Video based games, TIC-TAC-TOE. In 2013, we installed our first system outside of North America, a TH400 Pro system in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany.

In 2016 AI released its 2nd interactive game, Cricket. It also developed additional scene packs available for purchase. Online Tournaments returned with 2 - beta tournaments.

In 2017 AI started running online Tournaments with prize money being paid out to winners around the USA and Germany

Now in 2018 we are in the process of streamlining our software and expanding it’s capabilities. Our 3rd Interactive Game will be released and new internet tournament formats created. AI will remain committed to creating engaging interactive content that will attract the next generation of archery shooters throughout the world.

Archery Interactive is the world leader of interactive archery simulators and will remain unrivaled in the future.


Steve Von Strohe - Sales Manager

TechnoHUNT partners with the local college community giving students the opportunity to intern with our company and get some real world experience in the gaming industry. We would like to thank all the interns that have helped us create content for our system.

2018 - Suphoanny Thompson, David Thorne

2017 - Dante Ball, Catarina Luong, Kira Geyer, Essance Perea

2016 - Francisco Cervantes, Jeff Wertzbaugher, Tiffany Curtis, Kris Koester, Brian Wicker, Robert Hansen, Jacob Betz

2015 - Jose Sepulveda, Ted Matthew